I may as well introduce myself.

Erm. Hi. *Taps mic*

So, my name’s Kerrigan. I’ve been around. At least thirty years or so, but I’m new to this blogging and social media thing.

I’ve read a lot of other blogs and articles on how to market myself and “tweet,” but it’s all so confusing. I figured I’d just start by being me.

I’m a writer. I can’t say what I write because I write so many different things. If a subject lights the spark in the writing nerve of my brain, I tend to just go with it. One of the articles I read said not to do that. That I need to have a “niche.” Sorry, I don’t. My niche is writing.

With my novels I specialize in crime, horror, and fantasy.

I’m also even funny sometimes!

Despite the common belief that you can be only one, I love cats AND dogs.

On Facebook I post memes. On Twitter I…tweet..Twitter isn’t really the place for memes. I have an Instagram but I don’t actually take photos of everything I do so that’s hard to keep up with.

My social media handle across the board is @kerriganreid, aside from Insta, where it’s @xkerriganreidx.

I don’t Snapchat because well, my kid does…and she just kind of stares at her phone all day making different poses, so no. Not my thing.

When I blog, I like to entertain people with my unique sense of humor. I’ll inevitably piss some people off because it’s 2019 and it’s easier to piss people off than it is to keep them happy.

All a person can do these days is stand by their own convictions come hell or high water.

So that’s it for this piece. My introduction.

I’m a person who doesn’t follow the norm or fit into some mesh that society expects me to. I look forward to making friends and having people who actually read my writing.

May whatever you believe in: God, Karma, etc – send you many blessings. And I’ll see you all soon.

-Kerrigan “Kerr” Reid

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